Introducing Earth Survival

Introducing Earth Survival

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the first official blog post for the server. Today, I have a lot of exciting news and features to share with you guys. First is the new Earth Survival.

With the introduction of Earth, we've decided to close down the other Survival server and focus primarily on Earth. Keep in mind that your ranks and perks have been transferred to the new Earth server, however, inventories, worlds, tokens, balances, tiers have been reset.

šŸŒŽ Earth Survival

Earth Survival is the complete same setup as the previous realm, however, you are now put in a LARGE earth overworld.

You can also see the new website and our new map. You will be able to view earth survival and each player's location and land claims.

šŸ“ŽCheck out the map here:

šŸļø New Spawn

The previous spawn was very lackluster and crammed, so, we've completely changed our spawn to show the server in style. It also has a lot more NPCs with helpful commands to showcase the server features!

šŸ“‡ Rank Revamps

The previous ranks were just terrible. They just were not worth the price and had barely any features. So, we've completely revamped them and added a bunch of stuff!

New Rank Prefixes šŸ“•

This was a much-needed change since the previous rank prefixes were just terrible. We've changed them completely from scratch and they look MUCH better now. Check them out below.

New Rank Kits šŸ“™

Now each rank will feature its own kits! These kits aren't super overpowered but, they are worth it!

The kit for Emperor Rank

šŸš— New Vehicles

With this new update, we decided to add a large array of vehicles! Vehicles will help you farm, travel easier in oceans and on land!

You can get vehicles from the NEW vehicle crate in our store!

šŸ“ˆ Tiers Revamp

The old tiers system was an absolute mess. It was just simply too easy to get tiers and simply gave players a major unfair advantage. So, we've condensed the tiers and made them based on playtime rather than money.

Removed: Looter, Hunter, Knight, Elder, Wizard, and Master tiers

Playtime Based

Tiers will now be based on the amount of playtime you have rather than money.

These are the amount of time you need to spend to earn each rank:

  • Tier 1: 0
  • Tier 2: 5 hours
  • Tier 3: 12 hours
  • Tier 4: 16 hours
  • Tier 5: 1 day
  • Tier 6: 2 days
  • Tier 7: 3 days
  • Tier 8: 5 days
  • Tier 9: 7 days
  • Tier 10: 10 days

šŸ›’ New Shop!

I've noticed recently that our players had no way of purchasing blocks or selling their loot for money.

The /warp marketplace was a bleak example of the shop and didn't contain everything that we wanted.

So, we've created a brand new shop! Simply use the command /shop to access it!

šŸŒŽ World Borders

Overworld: 12288 x 6144

The Nether: 3,000 x 3,000

The End: 3,000 x 3,000

ā— Feature Removals

After looking through all of the features we have on the server, we noticed that there was one glaring issue: there was simply too much stuff going on to make the gameplay enjoyable. So, we decided to remove some of these less-known features to make the gameplay more cohesive with our vision.

  • Removed claim blocks
  • Removed old crates
  • Removed all of the textures that changed the regular MC textures
  • Removed the /wb command
  • Revamped the /ranks menu
  • Removed the Main Menu
  • Removed Custom Enchants (Will be replaced with something better later)
  • Removed these Tiers: Looter, Hunter, Knight, Elder, Wizard, and Master

Other Changes

  • Changed claim blocks back to the lands system
  • Buffed the ranks
  • Gave every rank their own kit, you can view them from the /kit gui
  • Kit GUI now shows Rank Kits and Tier kits.
  • Removed some redundant features
  • Fixed all bugs and lag issues
  • New Scoreboard Design
  • Removed the menu book in Hotbar
  • Changed all of the GUIs so they don't have back buttons to the main menu
  • Improved Kit Descriptions on the store

With the addition of Earth survival, we will officially begin advertising on all platforms. Expect to see massive growth in the coming weeks.